B.A.P - talent and potential

“B.A.P Live On Earth 2014” in Düsseldorf

by Esther Klung :: 14/05/2014 :: issue: July 2014
They are musicians and stars, and above that they are strong personalities. Not too often you find an artist who is awe-inspiring. Meeting the members of B.A.P you can't help but feel proud of what they achieved till now, curious what they are capable of, both as musicians and people, and eager to find out who they will become with time.
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Boyfriend Chicago Showcase

A show for the Fans

by Joseph Villaroel :: 20/03/2014 :: issue: April 2014
Two minutes left until Boyfriend hit the stage in Chicago for the first time ever and the fans were already chanting “BOYFRIEND, BOYFRIEND, BOYFRIEND”. Then the lights began to beam and the crowd went wild.
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CNBLUE - A Night up Close

by Joseph Villaroel :: 02/03/2014 :: issue: April 2014
Each performance was filled with such energy and the band would brighten up with such an amazing stage presence.
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MyName in Kazakhstan

by Nazerke Smagul :: 06/02/2014 :: issue: April 2014
Last Saturday, on 1st of February, the Korean idol group MyName had a concert together with Kazakh group Rin-Go which was called “KAZAKHSTAN-KOREA DREAM CONCERT”.
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Open The Door

ToppDogg Comeback Showcase

by Victoria Berninger :: 06/02/2014 :: issue: April 2014
Beginning with “Say It”, their debut song, the boys herald their comeback. Dressed in chick black cloth with white shirts underneath, which perfectly fitted the concept, they showed their powerful choreography to the audience.
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Infinite with “One Great Step” in Los Angeles

by Joseph Villaroel :: 23/01/2014 :: issue: January 2014
The seven men of INFINITE, Hoya, Dongwoo Woohyun, Sungyeol, Sungjong, L and Sunggyu, made their concert a night to remember. Most of the fans who were there were crying even before the concert started. Nokia was playing Infinite’s MVs. 30 minutes later they came out and sang “Destiny” and the fans were going wild and were singing along with...
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TaeYang Taking over San Francisco

by Joseph Villaroel :: 23/01/2014 :: issue: January 2014
The Taeyang concert was HOT – literally, it was very hot in the pit. For a couple of moments I thought I would pass out but Taeyang's music gave me the willpower to enjoy the rest of the show. When I arrived at the venue the line only had 20 people but that was the general admission site, the VIP site had a few more.
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