Songs, Ads and Snacks

The Soccer World cup in Korea, outside of Seoul

For a while now the soccer fever has spread across the world. And even if South Korea is not really one of the general favorites in this competition, the Korean fans are by no means inferior to any other. On the contrary: If someone was in Seoul during the last world cup or saw reports he or she will know how passionately the Koreans support their team. For example did idol groups and bands this year as well publish new songs to cheer for the Red devils (look below).

But now then I don’t live in Seoul (yet) but in Chuncheon, a town situated in the not so densely populated Gangwon-do. There is no public viewing and only very few bars have big screen TVs which make it possible to watch the game with friends outside of the privacy of one’s home. Not to forget to mention the huge time difference between Korea and Brazil. The second game of the German team began here at 4 in the morning, a time, until which most bars usually close their doors. So, I don’t really notice much of the soccer vibe apart from the students in the dormitory next to mine, who informed at 7am with loud cheering and (only 6 minutes later) appalled screams that first Korea and then Russia had scored a goal. But now, since the vacation has begun, it is silent next-door. Does that mean that apart from the TV program one does not notice at all what is happening at the other end of the world in Brazil? I started getting curious and took a walk through the center of Chuncheon in search for the red devils.

They were not as obvious present as I expected but still not to miss, mostly in form of promotion announcements, discounts and advertisements. From Hyun Bin over Infinite and G-Dragon to Park Ji Sung, they all took the chance to put on a red shirt and secure a commercial deal. But also other stores that didn’t have the money to get a famous face from the Korean entertainment industry jumped on the world cup-bandwagon and offer discounts or small presents.

Aside from these obvious things did I discover a few small things that show, the soccer world cup does not pass by a city like Chuncheon without a trace. So, I filled my shopping basket this time with ramyeon, milk, ice cream and other snacks that seem to have come into existence as a side effect of the soccer fever. Caffe bene offers a soccer ice cream desert for the some time now and in Paris Baguette you can buy a cake in the colors of the Korean team. Unfortunately, all those snacks in turn have their own side effects as well which most of you might know and therefore I don’t need to explain further. That’s why at this point I would like to submit a proposal to those people making these products: Couldn’t you design fruits and vegetables in soccer style?


Ailee – 투혼가:

AOA – 그대 승리의 날개를 펼쳐라:

Tiny-G – Go Reds go:

Transfiction & Minah from Girls Day – 승리를 위하여 2014:

Broken Valentine – Go All:

Dickpunks – 달리자 ë‚´ 친구야:

The Friends – I love Korea:

Ki Pop, Yoon Hyung Bin, Seo Do Won – 외쳐라! 대한민국(We are the Reds):