Interview with Hugh Keice

At the end of2013 musician Hugh Keice released his latest album "Whale Song Omnibus". "J" is the name of the single released out of it. In the black and white video we can see the musician walk through the fog until the silhouette of a whale appears at the end. As a child Hugh didn't draw whales but dragons, castles and seagulls. He tells us that as an only child he was obsessed with comic books and wanted to become an illistrator himself. His way led him into the indie music scene in Hongdae though, where he took the stage for the first time.

 Until he graduated from University in 2009 he felt as if he wasn't moving forward with his music but then started to look for a place where his music would be accepted. This turned out to be London where he finished his master or arts. He was welcomed in London with its active indie music scene and especial live music. A good basis for an artist such as Hugh. The lack of such an open music scene in Korea was probably one factor playing into him not being able to move forward with his music. "British people have a natural connection to live music but this is missing in Korea. It's especially noticeable in K-pop", says Hugh during the interview.

 When you listen to Hugh Keice you won't expect a Korean being behind that voice. He's being compared to John Mayer. Both are singer songwriter, both carry soft melodies with their voices that still carry that tone in order to rock their songs. But Hugh doesn't like the comparison and thinks it's bizarre. Because as he jokingly says, he's not being followed by paparazzi. In 2011 he released his debut ep and had the chance to perform at the Edinburgh Fringe festival. The following year he had his breakthrough with "Drink in the Desert".

 Hugh was being praised for his mix of acoustic, folk and soul and went on to tour to England and Korea. At the well known Emergenza Festival 2012 he was part of the finale. Since then he's travelled England and Korea as a musician. This year he will not only perform at the Liverpool Sound City, but also present his new ep "Starry Night".