Dutch Seasonal KPop Meetings

Where friends become family

Saturday June 7th there was another edition of the Dutch Seasonal Kpop Meetings (SKM).

The first meeting ever was on Saturday January 27th 2013. It was in the middle of winter and it was cold and snowy, but still the 45 people that came had a lot of fun.

The winter meeting of this year was inside and was the biggest meeting so far, with more than 400 people. SKM has grown in a short period from a small get together, to one of the biggest Kpop meetings in Europe. Even people from other countries come to these meetings.

During this warm spring meeting, there were more than 250 people. The admins told beforehand that this wasn't going to be an official event. That's because they were busy with school and the preparations for the next SKM meeting, which will be as big as the winter edition. Also a lot of people had exams or other end of the year school work, so there were less people than normal.

Still it's a great sight to see so this many people gathered on a train station and then walk in one big group through the city. A lot of people stared at us on our way to Schouwburgplein, where we got some bubble tea at YoYo! Fresh tea bar. From there we walked to the Museumpark. Some people sat down on their picnic blankets and ate food they brought with them. Others turned on some music and started dancing. Everyone was happy to see their friends, which they hadn't seen in a while, because they all live in different parts of the country. It was like a big family reunion. The slogan of SKM seems true: “Where friends become family”. 

Because this wasn't an official SKM event, there weren't any activities hosted by the admins. But there were still a few things to do. Besides the talking, laughing and dancing, some people played games too. Card games, tag and there were even some Frisbees flying around. 'Catherina and Angela's Kpop shop' was selling Kpop merchandise, like posters, hats and buttons. A lot of people visited their improvised stand, which was under one of the big trees that gave some shade on this warm day. Also one of the members of the KNL team was collecting letters and presents for the annual fan package for Eat Your Kimchi. Later in the afternoon there was a group photo taken with almost all the people present. They do this every meeting and it is a lot of fun to see some new faces on the picture every time.

At the end of the day, people split up in groups to go back home, or to grab something to eat. Some of the people came together at Schouwburg plein after they finished their dinner. They just sat on one of the many benches or played with the water fountains in the street. There even was an improvised photo shoot for the EYK fan package.

Even though this wasn't an official SKM event, it was a great success. Now we have to wait for the next one, which will take place on Saturday August 16th. This meeting will have a theme, just like the autumn edition last year. The theme of the upcoming meeting is: “Beach party” and the admins are already busy planning some awesome beach themed activities. If you want to more information, then check out their Facebook  page: https://www.facebook.com/seasonalkpopmeeting

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