A perfect day for hiking

...everyone thought

Last Monday was Children’s day in Korea and therefore no class. Since I have been very lazy recently I decided to take the invitation of my friend who asked to go hiking with him. The only problem was that he lives in Incheon and I in Chuncheon, two cities pretty far away from each other, at least for a one day trip. So, we decided (as usual) to meet in Seoul and I asked one of my teachers for advice on which mountain would be worth hiking up. She recommended Bukhansan. And no, Bukhansan is NOT in North Korea although many friends – even Koreans – thought that when hearing the name.


“Bukhan” is the Korean word for “North Korea” and “san” means mountain. So basically it’s the North Korean Mountain located in the North of Seoul.

After arranging to meet at nine in the morning I deeply regretted that I agreed to this adventure because it meant I had to get up at five, and I hate getting up early. But somehow I made it on time to the subway station where I met my friend and then we took the bus to the entrance of the mountain area. The weather was perfect! The sun was shining but it wasn’t too hot and in between there were a few refreshing winds blowing through the trees while we made our way to the top. The only downside was that half of Seoul seemed to have had the same idea as us and the mountain was so crowded that every few minutes we had to stop in order to let someone through or pass someone in front of us who was taking it very slow. After three hours or so we finally reached the peak in 836.5m but couldn’t stay long because it was a very small place and a lot of people were waiting to get up and take their pictures as well. Also, it was pretty windy up there and my friend almost got his cell phone blown away.

After getting down again we had a hearty meat-filled dinner and I fell into bed as soon as I arrived back in my dormitory, which was after 10 in the evening.

So, if someone is planning to go hiking in Korea I definitely recommend Bukhansan as a possible trip destination as the view was really beautiful. I could look over all of Seoul and it was a different view than the one from Namsan Tower. My only advice would be that you don’t pick a national holiday for your adventure because hiking is one of the most popular free time activities in Korea.