The Way of K

  • June 2010: founding of K-Colors of Korea as the first German speaking online magazine about Korean culture and pop culture
  • February 2011: issues are from now on bilangual, English and German

K as event partner

Date Event Partners Function of K
May 2011 "Rain & Vogler", Semper Oper   Press coverage, K-Pop Fan short documentary filming about German K-Pop
August 2011 1st German K-Pop Night Korean Cultural Center Organization, moderation
November 2011 K-Pop Contest Korean Cultural Center moderation
November 2011 JYJ Concert   press coverage
December 2011 1st European K-Pop Awards - So-Loved Awards KBS, Korean Cultural Center, German Embassy in Seoul organization, scheduling, moderation
February 2012 B2ST Concert   fan-management for Omundo Media GmbH, press coverage
June 2012 YG Audition   Press coverage
August 2012 K-Pop Contest   Jury, preselection
October 2012 Korean Cooking Class "Kochu Karu" Kochu Karu Initiative, Public Relation, press coverage
December 2012 so-loved Awards 2012 Korean Cultural Center, KOFICE Organization, scheduling, moderation
May/June 2013 YOU2013 - European Youth Fair Korean Cultural Center supervision of K-Pop booth