Interview with Sam Okyere

by Katy Maurer :: 18/09/2014 :: issue: Current articles
Abnormal Summit is a new talk show format on Korean TV. Similar to the well known MiSuDa a group of foreigners is invited to talk and discuss a variety of topics with the Korean hosts. Though while the group in MiSuDa was made up of women only, the cast members now are all male and the Show is set up to resemble a United Nations.
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Interview with Hugh Keice

by Esther Klung :: 14/05/2014 :: issue: July 2014
At the end of2013 musician Hugh Keice released his latest album “Whale Song Omnibus”. “J” is the name of the single released out of it.
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“It's the small, every-day kind of things”

Interview with John Rosenthal

by Esther Klung :: 08/04/2014 :: issue: April 2014
What makes him so interesting as an interview partner is that he was willing to follow his passion, which is something not everyone has the courage for. John grew up in Germany, with a Korean mother and a German father, and moved to Korea for the first time in 2010. Leaving the country a few months later he knew he had fallen in love with the...
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N.O.M – What´s the nature of men?

by Esther Klung :: 29/03/2014 :: issue: April 2014
The three letters N.O.M stand for “Nature of Man”. The four members of N.O.M debuted in late 2013 with a new and somehow brave concept. Instead of debuting as just another boy group they combine catchphrases to a new identity, hoping to become trendsetters. “Third sexuality”, “beyond man”, “Bi-sexual code”, those words sparked the...
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Interview with singer and songwriter Hee Young

by Esther Klung :: 19/03/2014 :: issue: April 2014
Hee Young was born in Korea, Seoul, but moved to New York, Brooklyn, to work as a singer and songwriter. She released her first album, as a self-release, in 2009 and “Sleepless Night”, which is her latest release in November 2013. Touched by her beautiful music we decided to talk with Hee Young about her music and inspiration.
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Interview with songwriter Albi Albertsson

by Esther Klung :: 22/02/2014 :: issue: April 2014
EXO's “Machine”, VIXX's “On and On” and ZE:A's “Phoenix” have been successful songs in Korea and are also among my personal favorites.
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LEDApple Press Conference

by K-Colors of Korea :: 18/02/2014 :: issue: April 2014
In many interviews, they talked about how they would love to come to Europe. And now, 3 and a half years after their debut, they are finally here. Thanks to Invazi, who invited them to our country and organised the whole event.
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