Coffee with Youtube Stars

The You Are Here Café in Hongdae

by Laura Kuhlig :: 04/10/2014 :: issue: Current articles
The café was opened on August 9th this year and I actually went there to take a first look and maybe meet the famous owners. How popular the Youtube channel really is became clear to me when I arrived there shortly after 10 in the morning. The shop was supposed to open at 10, but in front of the café was such a long line of people that it seemed...
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Misoga - House of Smiling

Eating Korean in Zurich

by Andrea Maag :: 06/09/2014 :: issue: Current articles
In culinary terms Korea doesn’t seem to have made the jump to Switzerland yet because the choice of Korean restaurants is small. With a bit of luck you will find one in the bigger cities like Zurich, Basel or Berne.
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A soccer night out

by Laura Kuhlig :: 30/06/2014 :: issue: July 2014
Since there is nothing going in Chuncheon and Germany was playing that very night I decided to stay out and go back to with the first train in the morning. Well, that was the initial plan.
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Songs, Ads and Snacks

The Soccer World cup in Korea, outside of Seoul

by Laura Kuhlig :: 24/06/2014 :: issue: July 2014
From Hyun Bin over Infinite and G-Dragon to Park Ji Sung, they all took the chance to put on a red shirt and secure a commercial deal.
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Dutch Seasonal KPop Meetings

Where friends become family

by Danielle Haverkamp-Grootendorst :: 23/06/2014 :: issue: July 2014
The winter meeting of this year was inside and was the biggest meeting so far, with more than 400 people. SKM has grown in a short period from a small get together, to one of the biggest Kpop meetings in Europe. Even people from other countries come to these meetings.
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A perfect day for hiking

...everyone thought

by Laura Kuhlig :: 14/05/2014 :: issue: July 2014
“Bukhan” is the Korean word for “North Korea” and “san” means mountain. So basically it's the North Korean Mountain located in the North of Seoul.
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Temporary Bride

The Princess Diary Café in Seoul

by Laura Kuhlig :: 08/04/2014 :: issue: April 2014
I felt like being put back into the time when I was a little girl watching fairytale movies almost every day and dreaming of my Prince Charming to come pick me up one day and make me into a princess. And now, almost 20 years later, I made that dream come true by myself just without the prince.
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LEDApple in Rotterdam

by Patricia Kostrzewa,Danielle Haverkamp-Grootendorst :: 18/02/2014 :: issue: April 2014
The European fans are really nice, they're really upfront. I think they are more like friends to us than fans and stuff.
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Thanks Nature Café

by Laura Kuhlig :: 12/02/2014 :: issue: April 2014
Many of you might have heard about cat and dog cafes in Korea before, but nowhere else do you have the opportunity to pet real sheep in the middle of Seoul.
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Finding an Artist among K-pop Idols

by Esther Klung :: 28/02/2014 :: issue: April 2014
Finding a real artist among K-pop idols is rare. Since most of them were trained by the entertainment they later work for, their creative development lies within fixed boundaries. Park Jung Min began his career as a member of the boygroup SS501 in 2005. Five years later the members decided to end their contracts with their entertainment company...
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