Coffee with Youtube Stars

The You Are Here Café in Hongdae

by Laura Kuhlig :: Coverstories :: 04/10/2014
The café was opened on August 9th this year and I actually went there to take a first look and maybe meet the famous owners. How popular the Youtube channel really is became clear to me when I arrived there shortly after 10 in the morning. The shop was supposed to open at 10, but in front of the café was such a long line of people that it seemed...
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Interview with Sam Okyere

by Katy Maurer :: Interviews :: 18/09/2014
Abnormal Summit is a new talk show format on Korean TV. Similar to the well known MiSuDa a group of foreigners is invited to talk and discuss a variety of topics with the Korean hosts. Though while the group in MiSuDa was made up of women only, the cast members now are all male and the Show is set up to resemble a United Nations.
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October: Autumn Songs

On the 15th of every month our team will choose the top 5 songs for a specific theme. In October we have collected a number of autumnal songs for you.

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Next PDF Issue

The next PDF issue will be published 2015Stay tuned to our Facebook page for all the latest information about K and the new issue.

Misoga - House of Smiling

Eating Korean in Zurich

by Andrea Maag
Coverstories :: 06/09/2014
In culinary terms Korea doesn’t seem to have made the jump to Switzerland yet because the choice of Korean restaurants is small. With a bit of luck...
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A soccer night out

by Laura Kuhlig
Coverstories :: 30/06/2014
Since there is nothing going in Chuncheon and Germany was playing that very night I decided to stay out and go back to with the first train in the morning. Well, that was the initial plan.
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Songs, Ads and Snacks

The Soccer World cup in Korea, outside of Seoul

by Laura Kuhlig
Coverstories :: 24/06/2014
From Hyun Bin over Infinite and G-Dragon to Park Ji Sung, they all took the chance to put on a red shirt and secure a commercial deal.
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Dutch Seasonal KPop Meetings

Where friends become family

by Danielle Haverkamp-Grootendorst
Coverstories :: 23/06/2014
The winter meeting of this year was inside and was the biggest meeting so far, with more than 400 people. SKM has grown in a short period from a...
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A perfect day for hiking

...everyone thought

by Laura Kuhlig
Coverstories :: 14/05/2014
“Bukhan” is the Korean word for “North Korea” and “san” means mountain. So basically it's the North Korean Mountain located in the North...
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Interview with Hugh Keice

by Esther Klung
Interviews :: 14/05/2014
At the end of2013 musician Hugh Keice released his latest album “Whale Song Omnibus”. “J” is the name of the single released out of it.
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B.A.P - talent and potential

“B.A.P Live On Earth 2014” in Düsseldorf

by Esther Klung
Reviews :: 14/05/2014
They are musicians and stars, and above that they are strong personalities. Not too often you find an artist who is awe-inspiring. Meeting the...
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Temporary Bride

The Princess Diary Café in Seoul

by Laura Kuhlig
Coverstories :: 08/04/2014
I felt like being put back into the time when I was a little girl watching fairytale movies almost every day and dreaming of my Prince Charming to...
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